Today SFT have released a truly ground-breaking investigation entitled "Report into alleged fraudulent activity by Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association" exposing a provable criminal conspiracy involving a far left extremist group also known as TWAFA.  This 65 page report is made up of a collection of hundreds of pieces of information brought together through months of investigation from Freedom of Information Act requests, archive searching, interviews and grassroots on the ground sleuthing.  We have also included an interactive website with a full cache of our sources, files and information to prove every word of our report is the truth.

This report exposes that:

• North East Councils knowingly used taxpayers money to fund a group with links to Irish Republican terrorism.

• TWAFA's so called "spokesperson" and "President" by the name of "Mike Hartman" does not exist, but is used on official grant applications.

• The association used UNISON the trade union buildings and facilities to conduct its business and to obtain grant aid funding through fraudulent means.

• This fraud was conducted with the full knowledge of local authorities and council members that this money was and is being used for political purposes despite regulations to the contrary.

• False information presented on grant aid forms was been submitted with the intention of deceiving council officials and fraudulently receiving public money.

• TWAFA breaking employment law if they ever actually hired a full time employee.

• The failure to provide promised services such as provision of training, educating individuals and providing a support service, none of which appeared to occur

• Local Councils including Sunderland are fully aware of this fraud and have been historically since at least 2001.

Despite previous "independent" investigations in the past, Northumbria Police have failed to act for years and this is in part because they themselves are implicated in historically funding this group with links to the Irish Republican extremism.  This investigative report is now on its way to government agencies/media in order to draw the spotlight on this dreadful group and potentially bring criminal charges against those who have been fleecing us for decades.   

Many of the corrupt individuals exposed in this scandal are now extremely nervous this report has been released to the public...but the truth must be exposed!  We will be doing follow up stories highlighting the key parts of this scandal in order to raise awareness. We would like to also extend our infinite gratitude to the many dozens of people from around the region that helped make this report possible, we could not have done it without you.

If you'd like to read this report then please access via this link

Sunderland for Transparency