It has emerged that Sunderland Council has been caught red handed gifting THOUSANDS in taxpayers money to a local extremist group with links to the IRA.  This relates to a previously hidden article from the Sunderland Echo on Oct 31st 2001 entitled “your cash and terror”.  The story exposed the fact that the Council has given thousands of lucrative grants to TWAFA (Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association) which has convicted terrorists among its ranks in the form of Jan Taylor and Patrick Hayes. Taylor and Hayes were previously jailed for 30 years for being the masterminds of the infamous “Harrods Bombing” terror attack of which caused over £1 million pound in damages and seriously injured 4 innocent bystanders.

Both terrorists were later released in 1999 under the Good Friday Agreement. It begs the question had the 5 Labour controlled North-East councils done due diligence checks to find out how public money was to be used, why were this group ever given public funding from a pot established for clubs/associations and specifically excluding all political activities when its abundantly clear that this is indeed an extremist political group?  Conveniently all traces of the article “your cash and terror” were promptly removed from the web once word had spread that Sunderland For Transparency were investigating this group.  However, our team much to the dismay of the Council have obtained a copy from the archives which is labelled under SFT TWAFA Links to Extremism and Terrorism 386.docx found by following the link:

A Sunderland For Transparency spokeswoman stated “it is truly despicable that the Labour Council has the gall to cut bin collections and plead poverty but has plenty of cash available for their chums linked with the IRA”.