It has emerged that Sunderland Council have decided to let off building firm Gentoo with a whopping £80,000 bill in relation to a new housing development on the former Broomhill estate The Sunderland Echo reported.  Gentoo, of which Cllr Michael Essl and Cllr Phil Tye are both Non-Executive Directors of, claimed them paying the bill was no longer “viable”.


Even fellow Labour Cllr Len Lauchlan attacked the decision stating “Why is it not viable? We had a similar development not long ago that provided S106 money, it just seems wrong to me.” according to the 3rd of Nov edition of the Sunderland Echo.


An SFT spokesman slammed this decision stating “It all seems very convenient that a building firm that Cllr Tye and Cllr Essl are both Non-Executive Directors of gets this generous treatment.  Would any other small Sunderland business get this treatment? I think not.”