What a year 2019 has been!

Since SFT got started in early 2019 we have truly hit the ground running and achieved a tremendous amount of success for Sunderland in such a short amount of time.

SFT started from humble beginnings with a small group of passionate taxpayers looking to give a voice to the people who believe our City deserves better.  SFT has now become a household name in the City with thousands of supporters on social media due to our activism.

Our dream is a Sunderland that works for all people of Sunderland.  A City that’s Council is free from nepotism and cronyism whilst truly standing up for the goals and concerns of the citizens.  As we move into the new year please see below for the highlights of 2019:

·       SFT held several action days in Sunderland City Centre engaging with taxpayers about their thoughts on the council.  We received a truly amazing reception with many hundreds of people speaking to us and learning of our organisations work.



·       We also carried out dozens of local and parliamentary election candidate interviews in order to give voters greater knowledge of the candidates and their platforms.  These gains tens of thousands of views with the goal of increasing electoral engagement.



·       After receiving a hugely favourable response to our interviews SFT decided to host the first ever all-party Local Election Debate.  This event was very well attended and featured parties from across the political spectrum.  This event also featured in the Sunderland Echo and Chronicle too.

·       In order to raise awareness of our findings to others in the community we distributed thousands of Transparency News and How Sunderland Council Wastes Your Money leaflets around the area.  These leaflets and newsletters proved hugely popular and were full of facts and data concerning the Council’s activities.


·       Following a huge local demand in support, SFT supported an electoral campaign in Southwick ward coming a respectable third place out of six candidates.  Our candidate’s policies detailed in a pamphlet titled “What the Council do NOT want you to know!” blew the lid off dodgy land deals, gagging orders and other wastes of taxpayer’s money.

·         Following a year-long investigation SFT released a ground-breaking 64 page report exposing provable links Sunderland Council has with a far left extremist group named TWAFA.  This report, which was forwarded to media and law enforcement agencies to look into.  The report itself showed the Council funded group has links with financial fraud, corruption, false pseudonyms, extremism and even convicted terrorists.  The report and hundreds of pieces of evidence to back it up are available at: http://sftinvestigation.com/

·       We hosted a well-attended public social event with special guests including Independent Anti-Corruption PCC Candidate Georgina Hill and Grassroots manager for the Taxpayers Alliance Harry Fone.  The speaking topics included the importance of value to money and the issue of unfair tax hikes by reckless Council’s.

In summary we would like to thank all our many wonderful supporters for their continued faith in our mission.  We would also like to thank the various venues for accommodating our events as well as the many volunteers that have helped SFT over 2019- we could not have done it without you!  We would also like to thank our donors who have supported us in helping spread the message around the city.


If you wish to support our work then visit:




or alternatively SFT gratefully accept A4 paper donations that go towards the production of our newsletters and leaflets.  Please contact us on support@sunderlandfortransparency.com to arrange a paper donation.