A recent Freedom of Information request has uncovered Sunderland Council has raked in a whopping £1,044,984 of income from parking fines in the Sunderland area in just three years.

This huge rise can mainly be attributed to the rise in so called “Community Parking Management Schemes” around the City which aim to combat excess parking as well as Traffic Wardens now.  The Council also announced that this year they are plotting to turn large areas of both Ashbrooke and Hendon into Community Parking Management Scheme catchment areas. 

Those who do not agree with this scheme have until Friday the 7th of Feb to make their objections heard.  The contact details are:

E Waugh,

Head of Law and Governance,

PO Box 100, Civic Centre,

Burdon Road, Sunderland, SR2 7DN


Or alternatively sign our petition seeking to stop the Council from employing traffic wardens after 6pm:


A Sunderland For Transparency spokesman statedThis is a truly obscene figure to say the least.  We have heard from many local business owners from around the City who have sadly seen patrons opting to go to Newcastle instead in order to avoid the predatory traffic wardens skulking around the City Centre.  While we appreciate a need for sensible parking, this should not be at the expense of the local economy.  We also wonder how much of this money is going towards paying for the new civic centre...”