A recent Freedom of Information request has uncovered that Sunderland City Council have spent a whopping £5.1m of taxpayer’s money on compromise agreements since 2016 which have been dubbed by campaigners as so called “Gagging Orders”.  The breakdown of this was:

·         In the financial year 2016/17, the council paid out £4,714,000 over the course of 291 agreements.

·         The following year the city council signed off on eight agreements worth £147,000.

·         In the financial year 2018/19, it signed off on seven agreements worth £268,000.

These shocking figures were surprisingly a reduction from the recent peak of an obscene £35m between 2011-16 according to another similar Freedom of Information request.

A Sunderland For Transparency spokeswoman stated “This is yet another example of the hardworking Sunderland taxpayer being shafted by the Council.  It also noteworthy that our Council spend more than any other Council in the North East on these shady agreements.  What have they got to hide?”


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