There comes a time in the history of our City when all people must stand up and say “enough is enough”!

But it has emerged that Sunderland City Council’s draft Core Strategy and Development Plan has earmarked space for about 400 new properties on land surrounding Penshaw Monument!

We have been called conspiracy theorists by the council for predicting this but we have been unfortunately proven right again. The bloodsucking unscrupulous firms who have many of the councillors on the planning committee in their pockets have set their target to develop on this land before next years elections!

With many of the key positions of the council filled by people not even from Sunderland who can swan off to a second home in the countryside or the South of France to them it’s “just business”..

But to the Sunderland Taxpayer this is an all out assault on our City by a marauding group of gravy train riding councillors lining their pockets all for some cheap new builds!