The Labour Party pride themselves on putting working people first. Ending poverty. Attacking "cuts". But in fact what we've seen here in Sunderland has been the exact opposite.

For far too long, the fat cats in the Civic Centre have been allowed excessive salaries, excessive pensions, free food for Councillors and even free tickets to the Theatre and more. What we've seen is a Council which has blissfully been wasting the money of taxpayers, yet hasn't had the funds there in times of need for the residents- the ordinary people actually paying for this. Southwick is now one of the most deprived areas within this city yet Labour are doing nothing to fix any of the mess which they themselves have created, always blaming it on a "Tory Government". But what about under the last Labour Government when nothing was done either? Why has all this been allowed unchallenged?

It's time to end the corruption inside Sunderland Council, end the wastage, end the mismanagement and freeze or even perhaps lower Council tax. All of which can be achieved if the right mindset is pursued.

Bin collections have been cut to biweekly collections claiming lack of funds, yet at the same time the Labour Party can find £80 million for a new Civic Centre on the Vaux Site. They cannot even get their figures correct on this either; as the Civic Centre is quotes as costing £40 million, £61 million and also £80 million. So which of the three actually is it?? Where is the real opposition to all this waste?

The Labour Party are keen to talk, but when it comes to actually improving this city and doing the work they're elected to do, they are no longer interested in doing this. Labour have become old. Labour have become outdated. They need replacing.

Replacing with somebody who is prepared to actually do the work which is necessary to force the Council to revamp Southwick and turn it into a prosperous place to live, a person who actually wants change for the better rather than being a candidate for the old. The same old of the past can be left behind, but only if residents want a better future.

Aside from commencing a motion to restore weekly bin collections and sort out the huge rubbish problem in Southwick, if elected I would immediately attempt motions to scrap all useless council spending and divert it all to services for the people of Southwick and this City. We need to wage war on corruption within the Civic Centre. The only way for a brighter future, is to vote for it. Nobody else can do that for you.

It's time for a change. People are ready for this coming revolution. Why not vote for it? Vote Independent on 2nd May.

Christopher Marshall

Sunderland For Transparency, Southwick Independent Candidate