It has emerged that £10,500 pounds of taxpayers has been blown on a new “Stylish” Café at the Council HQ according to the Sunderland Echo.  However, given that the HQ of the Council is due to be controversially knocked down in the next two years it has been questioned as to whether the update is truly appropriate at this time with Tory Cllr Robert Oliver stating “I think the work needed to be done many years ago.  It’s typical that the council doesn’t do more to bring revenue in, but I think to do it now, just a couple of years before it’s going to be pulled down, is a bit late.

A Sunderland For Transparency Spokesman stated “We think the Council’s logic on the construction of this café is hard to swallow!  Plus given that the £40m construction project is soon approaching it would seem that ever penny counts  

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