SFT can report that dozens of local taxi drivers are in uproar over recent concerns over changes to the one-way system in the Holmeside area of the town.  These new changes which would transform the area into a one-way system for buses and taxi cabs exclusively.


However, many disgruntled taxi drivers have told SFT this week that they have received emails from Sunderland Council informing them that they could face hefty fines if they drive up the road as they are not technically classed as taxis under local regulations- instead seen as “private hire vehicles”.  This would essentially mean that hundreds of private hire vehicles would lose business under the new rules.

One angry commentator told SFT that the “gossip on the taxi rank is that a certain Cllr is a large shareholder of the biggest taxi firm in Sunderland and owns several taxis himself.  It would be VERY interesting to see if he voted in favour of this proposal!”