Sunderland For Transparency is a community supported Association. We value the intelligence provided to us by the community, and are grateful for the support we have from the public. However, we can't work alone.

If you feel you have a story of interest, information or a potential scandal you would like to see us report on, please do get in touch with us through our website and let us know about it. However small, we strive to provide the public with as much information as possible about their elected representatives and the council officers who work behind them.

What you tell us may also link in with other investigations we have ongoing, and provide valuable intelligence for us that leads to potential prosecution if criminal offences have occurred.

Please note however, that we can only take on a certain number of investigations due to a large number of incoming requests at any time, and we must ensure that investigations pass a certain threshold before we can start them.

We MUST have:

  • A clear, detailed allegation of any wrongdoing;
  • Detailed explanations to us of any relevant case background;
  • A full picture of how you became involved in this issue;
  • A list of any witnesses who may be able to corroborate your story;
  • Any supporting evidence you already have, or any investigative work you may have already started yourself;
  • Any conflicting interests that may occur;
  • Any specific individuals or connections you may think are of interest;

We cannot launch an investigation without detailed information on a problem. If you feel you have information, however insignificant you may feel it is, and even if you do not wish for us to start a formal investigation, we would urge you to report it to us. Every piece of information is another piece closer to solving the puzzle, and another piece closer to a better future.

You can attach information using our web-based help desk interface, or, you can attach more than one file on the same message by sending an email to information [at] sunderlandfortransparency [dot] com. Our secured line cannot be read by any other party and is stored on our secure server only.

We greatly value your continued support.