We are Not the Council

Please note that we are not connected with or affiliated to Sunderland City Council in any way. We cannot assist with issues of waste collection, bin replacement, governance, environmental, housing, council tax or any and all other issues you would normally contact the Council for. Likewise we cannot deal with complaints about Council services that are intended for the Council. For more information about who we are and what we can help you with, please see this page.

Reporting Scandals / tip-offs

If you are informing us of potential wrongdoing, suspect land deals, scandals or other issues by the Council or its officers or members, please keep in mind that our staff do not know everything, and it may be the first time we have heard about this specific situation.

While we value all intelligence and information, please note we can only take on a limited number of investigations, and only those which are detailed enough to work with. Please be detailed in your explanations, as this does help. See here for a list of things to include which may receive more attention.


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