The following organisations have been deemed dangerous and as such Proscribed by our Management. No official or member may affiliate themselves in any way with any of these organisations. No individuals who have been or currently are involved with organisations on the proscribed list may attend our meetings, and shall not be entitled to any involvement with the organisation under any circumstance.


Britain First

Britannica Party

British Democratic Party

British Fascisti

British First Party

British Freedom Party

British Movement

British National Party

British People's Party

British Union of Fascists

Column 88

Combat 18

Communist League

Communist League of Great Britain

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Great Britain

Communist Party of Scotland

Communist Party of Wales

Constitutional Movement

England First Party

English Defence League

Flag Group

For Britain

Freedom Party

Imperial Fascist League

International Marxist Group

International Socialist Group

International Socialist League

International Third Position


League of St George

Marxist Party


National Action

National Front

Nationalist Alliance

National Liberal Party

National Socialist League

National Socialist Movement

National Socialist Party

New Britain Party

New Communist Party of Britain

New Nationalist Party

North East Party

Northern League

November 9th Society

NS131 (National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action)

Official National Front

Racial Volunteer Force

Republican Sinn Féin

Revolutionary Communist Group

Revolutionary Communist League

Revolutionary Communist League of Britain

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain

Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist League

Revolutionary Socialist League

Scottish Dawn

Scottish Militant Labour

Sinn Féin

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Party (Ireland)

Socialist Party of Great Britain

Socialist Resistance

Socialist Workers Party

Tyne and Wear Anti Fascist Association

Tyne and Wear Anti Fascist Coalition

UK First Party

Union Movement

White Defence League

White Nationalist Party

Workers' Revolutionary Party