Sunderland For Transparency is a group setup by the people of Sunderland, for the people of Sunderland. We believe in openness and accountability, both in local and national government.


Decades of ongoing council corruption have gone unchallenged in Sunderland and its borough: Land and property deals the wasting of public money, misuse of public funds the list goes on and on. This had to be challenged in the face of austerity and further cuts to services in the coming years.

Who we are:

Sunderland For Transparency is a group of self-financed volunteers and taxpayers who are working together to raise public awareness in order to hold the council and its members to account for their behaviour in public office.

What we are:

We are a group of local likeminded people from across the political spectrum who believe in honest and transparent government and are investigating ongoing corruption and wrong doing within the city council and wider political arena in Sunderland. The results of which we are reporting to you the public so you know what is happening here in your city as well as police and the legal authorities where required.

We are also forwarding information to Westminster in order to bring National government attention to ongoing corruption and wrongdoing by this cities council and its political masters.

What are the goals:

We along with a growing number of people want to see real and positive changes within the council and the future of Sunderland's political landscape. We have a 5 year plan to assist independent candidates into local council wards to provide an independent voice in the council chambers. We want to improve the quality of service to the people of Sunderland, Washington, Shiney Row, Houghton & Penshaw.